Why does drinking water make you lose weight? Science explained.

You’ve heard the saying, “The human body is 98% water!” Well, is it? Not exactly, but the percentages of water in our system is quite high. For example, your skin is composed of over 60% water. The heart is over 70% water. Does that give you an indication of just how important water is to your body? The question, however, is why does drinking water make you lose weight? There is some complicated science behind it, which I will explain it in simple, understandable terms here.  My goal with this article is to educate you on why you need to drink more water if weight loss is your goal.

Reason #1 – It boosts your metabolism

Water consumption will boost your metabolism. This means it will speed up your body’s processes which burns more calories, and in turn helps you lose weight. You can literally increase your metabolic rate by about 30% just by consuming a glass of water. That’s pretty impressive, and a great reason to reach for a glass!

One of the main benefits of a boost to your metabolism is a boost in your energy levels.  When you increase your energy levels, you will tend to become more active, better able to enjoy those activities you often skip out on now because you’re just too tired.

Reason #2 – It flushes your system

Let’s think about this for a minute. Water flushes your system. Inside. The same way water cleans your exterior. Picture a refreshing waterfall pouring over your face, pure, crystal clear, cleansing water. That same picture needs to now run through your mind with a stream of clear, refreshing water swirling through your body, hydrating and cleansing your cells, your organs, your muscles, your blood.

Think about your kidneys and your liver. The functions they perform has to deal with the removal of toxins from your body. If you get too much toxic build-up in your liver, you can gain weight. Your liver turns those toxins into bile, which is going to make it difficult for your body to burn fat. I know it sounds complicated, but it boils down to this… You need to flush and cleanse that liver and those kidneys if you want to burn more fat more efficiently.

Reason #3 – It fills your stomach

This reason really goes without a need for an explanation. Water makes you feel more full, which cuts your food consumption. What is the best way to consume water? Very cold. Make your body work to warm it up! It burns calories!

If you want a more appetizing drink, try adding some fruit or even some cucumbers. I like to spread my water consumption out; I make it my goal to consume one cup of water every hour. I would suggest reading the article on this website that gives some useful suggestions on ways to consume the proper amount of water: HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER

Reason #4 – It helps your body stop retaining water

Water retention is a major factor in weight gain, and if you’ve ever had it, you know it is uncomfortable and sometimes painful.  Symptoms can include:

  • Your hands and feet swell up
  • Your body feels like you are 100 years old
  • You cannot lose weight no matter what you do

Drinking a sufficient amount of water will actually help your body to stop retaining so much water!  Shutting down that water retention will alleviate the symptoms, helping you to feel younger and to lose the weight.



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I want to stress to you the importance of having water easily and readily available at all times.  By carrying the filtered water bottle and by having fresh, clean, purified water in your fridge or on your counter at all times, you will greatly increase your chances of drinking the proper amount of water every day.

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