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I have described on this website the importance of consuming a sufficient amount of water every day. Implementing that one goal will make a huge difference in the way you feel, your mental clarity, and your overall health and beauty. So what does it matter what water bottle you use? It matters because the type of water you drink, especially as you increase the amount of water you are consuming, greatly matters, and I will explain briefly the science behind this in the paragraph below.

This article will touch of the importance of getting the most from your water, as well as what is the best bottle to, well, meet that goal, of getting the most from your water.

Different “types” of water

The type of water you consume will greatly impact your overall health. Being in good health literally depends on you consuming a sufficient amount of water, but you don’t want to drink water that is loaded with chemicals or deficient in minerals.

Let’s go over some good water versus bad water, so you can get an idea of why drinking the right water is so important to your health. I know you want your skin to glow, but you do not want it to glow from chemical reactions!

Good Water

Good water is water that is pure and loaded with great minerals! Spring water, fresh from the earth, would be an example of good water. Cool refreshing water from a deep well in the Adirondack Mountains would be another example of good water. Let’s review some traits of that good water:


  • It is free of chemicals, such as chlorine, fluorine, lead, copper, and mercury. I could write an entire article of the detriments to your health consumption of these chemicals causes. Let’s just say we should not drink large amounts of water that include these chemicals.
  • It tastes good. It doesn’t take like plastic or metal or have any aftertaste. It is crisp and refreshing.
  • Water has minerals in it like magnesium, calcium and sodium. Typically, you will get minerals from water that has not been process the way tap water has. If you don’t have access to a well or a spring, you can use a filter that infuses the water with beneficial minerals and filters out any chemicals. The other option would be to use a filter pitcher that you can keep in your refrigerator, and you can fill it with tap water sending it through the filter.



Bad Water

  • Obviously bad water contains “ingredients” that are harmful to our health. These can include chemicals, debris, or even minerals that are detrimental to our health.
  • Bad water tastes terrible. Water shouldn’t have a “taste.” If you get that bitter taste, or a metallic taste, or a foul taste, you are dealing with water that needs to be filtered.
  • It is devoid of essential minerals that are beneficial to the human body and needed for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Getting from bad water to good water

This is where the benefits of specific water filters and infusion systems come into play.

Let me ask you these questions:

  • Do you have city water coming into your home?
  • Do not want to constantly lug plastic bottles from the store and then back again to – hopefully – recycle?
  • Do you have the funds to buy the amount of bottles necessary to meet your new water-consumption goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you would benefit in amazing ways from a water filter and infusion system. These inexpensive items are designed to bring bad water to a new, super-water level, and I’ve written an entire article about these systems, and how it will literally super-charge your life and provide you with amazing energy. Here is the link to that article if you want to read it:   


The fountain of youth

The fountain of youth is not one thing. It is not one step. The fountain of youth starts with water and continues with life-giving, healing, and preventative steps that combined give you renewed youth and vitality, along with mental clarity and focus.

Stay in tune with this website, because together we will get you from where you are to where you want to be in every aspect of your life!

What is the best water bottle to – Conclusion

I have provided a link above to an article that will show you the different types of bottles and water filter and infusion systems, and what I recommend for your optimal health. One product I reviewed literally blew me away, and the science is irrefutable as to the benefits. I am excited to share that with you.

This bottle will not only filter out the toxins and chemicals, but it will infuse the water with minerals and a secret super-water ingredient!  Take a look here:    BLOCKBUSTER DISCOVERY

There is also a gorgeous glass water pitcher that filters the water with an amazing coconut shell filter to remove all the bad and leave only the good.  It’s gorgeous, take a look here:


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