What is the best Vitamin D Supplement? What does Vitamin D do to the body?

I take questions from readers, and one of the top questions is this: What is the best Vitamin D Supplement? People often want to know this as well: What does Vitamin D do to the body? Vitamin D is one of the most critically important vitamins your body needs (craves) to survive, and do you know that 95% of the US population is considered Vitamin D deficient? That’s startling!

What does Vitamin D do for the body?

Ok, I could write volumes on the benefits of Vitamin D. The list goes on and on, but I’m going to focus on a few of the main benefits of Vitamin D. Please, if you ever want a word of advice from me it is this: Take your Vitamin D! Now!

One of the great things about Vitamin D is is a fat-soluble vitamin and not a water-soluble one. That means that you can take this amazing Vitamin once a week and it will stay and work in your system for the entire week. That’s wonderful, especially for people who just can’t seem to remember to take their vitamins daily.

I have gotten really good about taking vitamins daily. I wasn’t always this way, but when I started studying nutrition and began to realize the benefits of vitamins for the body, everything changed. I look forward to taking my vitamins, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I look and feel so much better when I do. I can physically see and feel the difference in my body since I started taking supplements, so I never miss them.

Let’s list some of the benefits:

* You need Vitamin D to absorb calcium

We all know how important calcium is, right? You need calcium for so many reasons. You need it for strong bones and teeth, but that’s not all. Calcium enables your blood to clot. This is urgently important because without this ability, you could bleed to death from a minor accident.

What about your heart? Studies suggest that older women who take calcium have less of a chance of developing heart disease! That’s awesome in and of itself.

Without proper absorption of calcium, you can be subject to muscle spasms, including your heart muscle, which could lead to a heart attack! Are you beginning to see how important calcium absorption is! You need Vitamin D to properly absorb calcium!

* Boosts your ever-important immune system

I talk a lot about the immune system, but do you really understand how important and invaluable the immune system is to your overall health and well-being? It is critical for every single aspect of your health. If you can make sure your body has what it needs to keep that immune system strong, your health will improve greatly. So why not? Vitamin D will do just that!

* Keeps your mood up and depression down

You’ve heard that sunshine can increase your mood? Well, that’s because it boosts your natural Vitamin D levels! Getting the connection? This feel-good vitamin will make you feel sunny! Total pun intended! Seriously, though, it’s been said that Vitamin D may affect serotonin levels in the brain. Ward off those depressed feelings that low serotonin levels can produce and get that Vitamin D!

* Helps the body regulate sugar levels

This is a big one! Do you know how many people suffer from diabetes and related illnesses because their blood sugar is out of sync? If this vitamin helps you regulate those levels, please don’t ignore that! Diabetes will really wreak havoc on your body, so do everything you can to make sure you don’t fall prey to this horrible disease.

It’s been shown that low levels of Vitamin D in the body may seriously inhibit insulin secretion and glucose tolerance. That’s something you need to avoid, so please take your Vitamin D!

Foods not to eat that have Vitamin D

I’m going to give you the healthy foods to eat to get Vitamin D, and I’m sorry, but you will never read an article from me advising you to drink milk. Milk has been shown to cause inflammation throughout the body, but with the milk industry deep pockets, they are still selling the theory that milk does a body good. I do not believe that, and I feel dairy products are better avoided entirely.

The other food you won’t see me support is cereal. Even so-called “healthy” grains are not recommended because they contain gluten. I plan to do an article coming up on gluten and its detrimental effects on the body, but for now let it be said that you are better off to avoid all wheat products entirely, even ones that are “fortified” with Vitamin D.

So what does that leave? Well, it leaves several really good choices, and I’ll list them for you right here:

Foods to eat that have Vitamin D

* Egg Yolks

Oh, there they are again, those wonderful eggs! It seems that all the research I do on nutrition includes eggs as a source! They are truly beautiful oval-shaped gems and should be eaten daily.

I love eggs every way they are prepared. I love the yolks best of all, and I’m so glad that science has finally proven that the yolks do not raise cholesterol levels!

* Tuna Fish, Salmon, Mackerel & Sardines

Those fatty fish are a wonderful source of this life-giving vitamin. I love fish, especially salmon and sardines. I spread those little sardines on crackers (yes, I know they have gluten, but I eat them sparingly), and boy are they delicious.

Salmon is a staple in my home as well!  We have it several times a week;  we eat it as a main meal or crumbled in our salads!  So yummy!

Tuna fish is always great for lunch with a wonderful spinach salad!

* Cooked Mushrooms

Oh this superfood is constantly making the lists as well. Remember, you always want to eat mushrooms cooked and not raw. It’s important you do this to get the healthy benefits of this amazing plant.

If you want to toss them into your salad, cook them first, refrigerate and pepper your salad with them. Eat them every day, they do so much good for the body, and they are rich in Vitamin D!

What is the best Vitamin D Supplement?

Here’s what you searched for, so let me do a review of what I consider to be the very best Vitamin D supplements you can buy to deliver the nutrient in the best possible way!

I find Vitamin D to be such an important supplement, that I did a lot of research to find the absolutely best one, and I have one I recommend over all the rest!

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