What is the best Vitamin C for the face? Look years younger!

In our never-ending quest for youth, we try creams and lotions to make ourselves look younger. One of the most overlooked options for youthful beauty is Vitamin C. Taken internally and applied topically, it can radically change your appearance to a more youthful, soft appearance, brighter eyes, and more pep to your step.

I am going to educate you on the benefits of this one amazing vitamin and how you can get the very best in both supplements and in facial creams.

You can go out and buy the top of the line, most expensive face creams out there, but in many cases, you are going to be left with disappointment.  Why?  It’s because they don’t contain the actual ingredients (the nourishment) that your body needs to repair your skin and keep it youthful.

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What is the best Vitamin C for the face?  Let’s dig in!

What are the benefits of Vitamin C?

Why do I recommend Vitamin C for your wrinkles, dull skin, circles and bags? It’s because Vitamin C is necessary for so many parts of your body, and your face and beauty are no exception. Take a look at all this amazing vitamin provides, both in supplement form and in topical serum form!

Benefits of Vitamin C Consumption

  • Protects against skin wrinkling due to aging by providing collagen production and maintenance.
  • Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals in the skin
  • Helps to treat and to prevent ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage
  • Helps with high blood pressure
  • Helps you to absorb your iron better
  • Promotes a healthy heart

I could continue to list the benefits, because they do go on and on, but I believe you get the picture. Vitamin C is a critical, necessary vitamin you must have, and most people do not get enough of this pearl in their regular diet! I am a firm believer in supplementing your diet with high-quality supplements (and the word supplement is important, because you always want to try to get the bulk of your vitamins from a good diet!)

Benefits of Vitamin C Serums

  • Boosts collagen products which helps to fill in lines and wrinkles for a smooth surface on your skin
  • Provides both instant and long-term results
  • Helps to tighten the skin
  • Fights free radicals and the damage they cause
  • Brightens the skin

Vitamin C and your diet

I promote the use of supplements, but I believe firmly that the bulk of your vitamins should come from your diet.  I realize that fresh fruits and vegetables can be expensive and time-consuming, but they are ever-so-important for the new youthful you!

You need to consume foods that contain Vitamin C in their natural state on a regular basis. It’s not that hard to do.

Here are just a few fruits and vegetables that you can easily incorporate into your diet that contain high amounts of precious Vitamin C:

Spinach, turnip greens, kale, dandelion greens, and other leafy greens (my personal favorites) – I cut them up and put them into all my soups, stews, pasta dishes, eggs, whatever I can. They are absolutely delicious and provide so many benefits to your body. They are delicious in salad too, of course!

Peppers, both red and green! I love them chopped and cooked into my sauces, and I eat them raw with a little dressing. Crunch crunch crunch, yummy!

Cauliflower and broccoli, along with cabbage and Brussels sprouts! My granddaughter loves cauliflower and broccoli (trees) cut for dipping in ranch dressing. Now, ranch should be consumed in limited quantities, but I feel that if I’m getting her to eat and enjoy these delicious treats, then a little ranch won’t hurt. Cabbage and Brussels aren’t for everyone, but if you cut them and cook them into your soups and stews, you hardly know they’re there. I, personally, enjoy them with butter and vinegar (the French in me), but however you eat them, get them in!

Tomatoes! These are so easy. Drink some juice, eat some sauce, or eat them raw in a salad. Tomatoes have so many uses and are easy to incorporate into your diet on a regular basis.

Winter Squash – Oooh, one of my favorite foods. I love to bake squash with a little butter and a dab of sweet. You do want to avoid sugar, and I eat my squash with just butter sometimes, but for a holiday or special dinner, I add a dab of real maple syrup. Experiment!

Citrus fruits, such as oranges, clementines and tangerines. These speak for themselves. If you want your kids to get Vitamin C, the Clementines are so easy to peel and eat, they love doing it by themselves!

Kakadu plums (also known as Gubinge, Billy goat Plum or Murunga) might be hard to find, but this fruit is loaded with Vitamin C! You can buy a Kakadu plum powder on Amazon (click on the Amazon link on the sidebar and search for Kakadu Plum Powder or you can go to the article I’ve put a link to just below here which has a link to the product as well). You can’t go wrong with this one!

Which Vitamin C supplements are best

I have written several articles on supplements, but this one here does provide a link to the very best Vitamin C supplements that I have found. There is the Vitamin C powder called Amazing Oranges Powder 30 day supply Power Packed w/Vitamin C, and it really is amazing!!!  There is also the Natures Highest Vitamin C Superfood – Wild Harvested Australian Kakadu Plum Powder which is that Kakadu Plum I mentioned above. Either one of these is a great choice!

If you would like to check them out, you can view the article here, and the links to these products are included in this article here:

What vitamins give you energy – Can I feel young again?

Which Vitamin C Serum is best

Here I go again with the Kakadu Plum, but you have to understand that the Kakadu Plum, which is primarily grown in Australia, has 100% more Vitamin C than citrus fruit. That’s pretty impressive. It’s no wonder that the Nutra Nuva serum is a miracle serum for the face!

The secret is that the molecules in this serum are smaller, allowing much deeper penetration of the epidermis and dermis (skin) providing nourishing and repairing benefits.

I have an article I wrote, and in that article is a link to this amazing product. You can read the article and grab the link to the product right here:

Best Facial Creams! Start 2019 Looking your best!


Whatever steps you take, whichever products you decide to try, you are going to benefit greatly. The point is, TAKE A STEP! I highly recommend you incorporate some of the great foods into your diet. This should really be your first step. Proper nutrition is going to give you that Fountain of Youth lifestyle you’re craving, and your face and skin will glow with youthfulness!

I applaud you reading this article and wanting to improve your life. Good luck!

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