What is Mr. Rebates about? Let’s help your pocketbook and lifestyle!

What is Mr. Rebates about? Why am I writing about it on this website? I get a lot of stress questions on here. People email me about stress, and so I am going to be focusing on things to help with stress, and one of life’s biggest stress factors is money. If I can show you a few ways to either make a little extra money online or save money when you shop, that helps you to relax a bit and really live that fountain of youth lifestyle that we’re all after!

So, what is Mr. Rebates about? It is a pretty simple, yet effective, way to get money back when you purchase some of your favorite items. You can go onto the Mr. Rebates platform when you become a member, and you can shop with your favorite merchants. You’ll see the rebate right there that they are offering. You can also see any coupons they have available through their site as well for particular merchants. I’m going to get into more detail below.

You can grab your free membership right here to get started:

How does the program work?

Although this may be the first time you are hearing about this company, they are not new. They have actually been in business since 2002! That’s quite a while, and during that time, they have grown their merchant base (the companies they do business with that offer the rebates). They continue to add merchants continuously, so you will want to make your stops at the Mr. Rebates platform a common occurrence.

These online merchants actually have a contract with Mr. Rebates to pay them a commission whenever a customer comes through their site and buys a product. What Mr. Rebates then does is share the majority of that commission with you, the Mr. Rebates member! You don’t get an immediate discount at the time of purchase. The merchant sends the commission to Mr. Rebates for that purchase, and Mr. Rebates gives your portion to you.

How long before I get my rebate?

Once your order ships, it is usually just a short time before the merchant pays Mr. Rebates the commission, and Mr. Rebates turns right around and gives you your rebate portion. The usual time frame is one to three business days, but this really varies by merchant. Remember, Mr. Rebates has to wait for the individual merchant to send them the commission and then they are diligent about getting that commission to you. So expect about one to three business days, but realize in rare cases it can take up to 30 days for everything to settle out.

It’s free to join, so you can sign up right here to start saving on your favorite items:

What is the actual process?

It’s super easy to sign up and use the platform. How it works is you click on the merchant and purchase the product. You have to go through the Mr. Rebates platform to be eligible for the rebate. You see, when you click from the Mr. Rebates platform to the merchant, it puts a code on your order that triggers the merchant to send Mr. Rebates the commission on the sale. That’s how you get credit. It’s a unique code assigned to you!

Keep in mind you need to go through the merchant for each purchase individually to be sure the code is applied to each and every item you buy. You don’t want to miss out on those rebates, because look below at the examples of some of the rebates that are being offered right now at the writing of this article:

Here are just some of the deals at time of writing

The rebate offers are always changing, but just to give you an idea of what the platform looks like and what kinds of deals they have, I pulled a couple of categories and snagged a screenshot of a few of the rebates that are offered right now at the time of this article in those categories. First up is the Health and Wellness category. Here are a few of the great deals there:


Next I snagged a screenshot of some of the amazing rebates offered right now at time of writing in the Beauty & Cosmetics category. I mean, look at these rebates offered and think about how much you will get back on your purchases through these merchants:

Mr. Rebates also offers coupons

What is Mr. Rebates about? How about some coupons? Here are a few of the amazing coupons offered at the time of this article writing:


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