What is biotin and what does it do – Look more beautiful naturally!

In my quest to find those fountain of youth supplements and nutrition, I came across Biotin. So what is biotin and what does it do? Biotin is a very popular supplement that nutritionally supports your skin, your hair and your nails, from the inside out! Not only that, but Biotin also is critical to your healthy metabolism. It plays a key role in converting carbs and fats from food into energy for the body.

Biotin is extracted from Sesbania which is a plant grown in south Asia. It is also known as Vitamin H. Here are just some of the many benefits of this amazing Vitamin:


Beautiful, healthy hair

You can find Biotin in many of the products out there for hair like shampoos and conditioners. These are great for your hair, but what is even better for your hair is to consume Biotin in your diet rather than externally to your hair. Biotin will increase your hair follicle bulb size thereby making it appear much fuller.  Sometimes as we age, the growth of our hair slows down. Waiting for it to grow in can feel like forever! When you take Biotin, you receive all of these amazing benefits in a fast and efficient way!

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Longer, fuller eyelashes

Biotin will make your lashes appear longer and fuller by increasing the hair follicle bulb size. Why glue false lashes to yourself, causing damage to your hair follicles when you can take a supplement that will help your own lashes naturally. Beautiful, long, thick lashes will enhance the beauty of your eyes!

Stronger nails

When your nails are weak, they tend to crack, split in their fragile brittle state. This can be caused by dehydration of the protein keratin. Biotin can actually support your body to maintain healthy, strong nails it serves as a coenzyme support for protein synthesis.

That’s a mouthful, but what it means to you is your nails will be more beautiful and much stronger and thicker.

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Embryos need Biotin


All pregnant women need to take Biotin daily because their infant in utero needs Biotin to grow and develop properly and fully.

Biotin supports DNA formation as well as tissue and muscle growth.

Check with your doctor because most prenatal vitamins contain Biotin.

Glowing, youthful skin

Biotin fights dryness of your skin which supports that youthful glow of radiant skin. Biotin aids in your body’s fight against that dry cracking skin! Biotin addresses these skin problems at the cellular level. Experience the difference it can make in the appearance of the skin on your hands and your face.

Maintains healthy metabolism

Biotin supports several metabolic functions of your body by converting glucose from your food into usable energy.

Biotin also assists the body to use amino acids from protein. A better metabolism means you burn more calories, which can help you lose unwanted pounds.  Now there’s a benefit for all of us who struggle with our weight!


Did you know that 20% of the population have reported having brittle nails. This is because biotin is water-soluble. Your body is unable to store biotin, and so any excess that your body doesn’t immediately need will be excreted through your urine. Therefore, it is critical that you supplement your biotin daily to maintain these health-promoting benefits to your hair, skin and nails.

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