What are benefits of green tea -you won’t believe the results!

I am always recommending to my readers that they consume large quantities of green tea. It is the only beverage that is recommended by top health experts that can substitute a glass of water for your daily water count. What are the benefits of green tea?

The benefits of drinking green tea are going to be explained fully in this article, and when you are done reading this, I do hope you have an understanding of why you must incorporate the consumption of green tea into your daily routine if you are to have the unbelievable health benefits of this miracle leaf! It truly is a top ingredient in the fountain of youth recipe outlined in this website.

Benefit 1 – It counts as water

Doctors around the globe agree that green tea is the only beverage they say you can substitute for water in your daily quota. In other words, you cannot say you drank a glass of water if you have a glass of water with lemon and sugar added, or a glass of water with instant coffee added. It is only a glass of water if it is a pure glass of water. That is, except for green tea.

Regular tea or any of the myriad of teas out there do not qualify for that “glass of water.” Green tea does. This is wonderful news to those who strive to consume their 13 glasses of water daily.  Use 3-5 glasses of green tea in place of water if you like!

Benefit 2 – It is loaded with antioxidants

Antioxidants will keep you from so many problems with your health, they are soldiers for good, and you need to treasure them! The fact that this one beverage, green tea, is loaded with antioxidants should make you strive to enjoy several cups of it a day!

Antioxidants inhibit oxidation in your body, and that cuts out those free radicals caused by oxidation. Free radicals literally wreak havoc on your body, and they are responsible for the aging that takes place. Getting rid of those free radicals will substantially slow and even reverse that aging process! Are you seeing why antioxidants are key to the healthy you?

Benefit 3 – It fights cancer

Cancer is caused by free radicals attacking your healthy cells and mutating them. As described in Benefit 2 above, the addition of green tea to your diet, loaded with those oxidation-prohibiting antioxidants, are your first, and most important, defense against all types of cancer.

Diet is one of the most important factors when it comes to the fight against cancer. What you put into your mouth is either medicine or poison, nothing in between. Choose wisely those poisons (like french fries and cupcakes) and focus on huge consumption of the medicines (like a fresh strawberry or a garden salad).  Add a refreshing iced green tea to your favorite healthy meals!


Benefit 4 – It is proven to aid in weight loss

Now we’re talking! If the antioxidants weren’t enough to convince you, perhaps the huge benefits to those trying to lose weight. Green tea will help you lose those unwanted pounds.

The green tea boosts your metabolism, or in other words increases the strength of fat-burning hormones in your body. It’s a bit complicated, but the bottom line is this: That boost in your metabolism is going to aid you in weight loss!

Green tea also inhibits the amount of fat our body takes from the food we eat.  That’s great news!  I’m not suggesting you eat a lot of foods high in saturated fat, but if you do, and you are drinking several glasses of green tea, this can stop your body from absorbing more of that bad fat.


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As you can see, the benefits of adding green tea to your daily diet are amazing.  The problem is, not everyone likes green tea.  I was not a fan when I first started drinking it, but I have to say that today I absolutely love it hot or iced, and I drink 3-5 glasses every day.  There are some ways you can spruce it up! If a little honey or stevia don’t do the trick, try using it as the base in a smoothie.  When you add the fruit and greens, you won’t taste the green tea.  Experiment!

If you want to add all the benefits of green tea to your life without steeping tea, try a water enhancer.  You can get amazing health benefits and yummy taste from Pure Inventions Green Tea Antioxidant Extract.  You can read an article I wrote about it here:  HEALTH BENEFITS OF WATER ENHANCERS

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