Sour Sop Fruit Graviola Tree! What is this miraculous plant?

The word is out, to the dismay of the big pharma companies, because they want to continue to tell you there are no natural cures for disease. Use their “drugs” for relief and cure, but they never want you to know about alternative “medicine” in the natural world.  They are claiming graviola can cause nerve problems.  As with anything, consult your doctor before taking anything new.

Well, I’m here to tell you about all the research that has been done on the Graviola tree (also known as Sour Sop or Guananbana plant). People are experiencing amazing, miraculous results with this tree, its leaves and its fruit, and while I would never tell you to give up your doctor-prescribed medicines, you really need to take a close look at this plant and add it to your regime.

* It is stated in research that pregnant and breast-feeding women should not take graviola!

There are so many diseases and conditions that are life-robbing, and so why not add some unusual fruits and teas to your diet and see the benefits they can provide to you. This is an inexpensive way to up your health, and people are raving about the Graviola! What do you have to lose? I know that I was having shoulder pain, which was caused by inflammation, and when I started consuming sour sop, my pain stopped. I can’t tell you how relieved I was, and I’m sold on its benefits for me.  What will it do for you?

Go ahead and read about it and you’ll see some startling reviews in the positive. People are getting results, and you may too! Why suffer if you don’t have to? Studies have shown that it slows the growth of cancer cells, 10,000 times faster than chemo! Wow!!!

Where is the Graviola tree grown?

This amazing tree is native to Mexico, Central America, South America, Australia, Africa, China and the Caribbean islands. The tree thrives in warm, tropical climates! (Don’t we all?) You can grow your own. There are plants and seeds for sale online, but I recommend you buy prepared Soursop. There are many easy ways to get the benefits of this plant without the time and energy needed to grow a plant.

What does the tree look like?

This tree grows quite tall, reaching 30 feet tall when full-grown! The leaves are broad leaves, and the fruit is a spikey green oval shaped fruit. The fruit grows from the trunk and from the stems.

What’s great about this tree is that it is fast-growing. It produces fruit in only 3-5 years!

What part of the plant is beneficial to your health?

Both the fruit and the leaves are extremely beneficial to your health according to many studies. In fact, it’s hailed as “miraculous” and “cancer-curing” in many articles and in many studies. The big pharma companies are trying to say it is “harmful” and the benefits are “unknown,” but they always do that whenever a natural remedy is discovered that they can’t benefit from. They’are all about the “drugs” as we all know, so I am always skeptical of their propaganda.

Now, remember, I’ve said it over and over again, if your doctor has recommended or prescribed medicine for you, you want to listen to your doctor. You can add this beneficial fruit to your diet to help you with whatever you need help with, but don’t replace your medicine with anything unless you discuss it with your doctor first. Very important!

* Avoid the seeds. They can be toxic, just like other fruits such as apples and cherries.

How does sour sop benefit the body?

One of the main benefits of this plant is it’s high concentration of antioxidants. I talk about oxidation in the body in many of my articles, but I will review briefly here for you again. When you think of oxidation, think of what happens when a banana hits the oxygen in the air. It turns brown and rots. Well, oxidation in the body is like that, and antioxidants are your banana peel to protect your body from that process!

The more antioxidants, the healthier you will be! The fewer problems you will have with your health.

The graviola fruit contains large amounts of Vitamin C, as well as B1 & B2. Other important nutrients are phosphorus, zinc, potassium magnesium, iron and calcium! 

The plant also contains compounds called annonaceous acetogenins which may have anti-tumor properties.

The plant has been heralded for having anti-cancer properties! Now that’s something to shout about! It has been known to help with things like coughs, inflammation, and weight loss. One report states it is great for treating parasites like lice! I mean, is there any end to the amazing benefits of this one plant?

It’s been reported to be great for diabetes as it helps to regulate blood sugar.  Wow!

It has been shown to boost the immune system, so it’s great for everything that ails you, even colds and flu.  Help your body fight off disease and ailments with a stronger immune system!

It promotes a healthy digestive tract, regulating bowel movements.

It can help to repair cell damage, and that includes the signs of aging, like wrinkles!  (Now there’s a reason to buy it right now, lol!)

Where can I get soursop fruit?

So, this is where it gets interesting. There are many ways to get this amazing fruit and it’s leaves. You can buy it in many forms, and I’m going to show you now some of the ways you can get these health benefits for yourself.

I don’t care which way you get this plant into your body, but please just do it. I am researching and finding for you ways to be healthy, vibrant, and beautiful.

You have to put good things into your body through your mouth in order to accomplish this goal. I always recommend topical treatments for your skin, but the main way you will feel and look younger is by what you consume. So go ahead and get some sour sop now! You’ll thank me!

Go ahead here and you’ll find a list of all the best products to give you these amazing health benefits here.  (Please note that any links for products are affiliate links, and I will be paid a commission for any sales.  This does not affect the price of the product, and I only recommend products that I fully believe in on this site!)



If soursop can kill liver and breast cancer cells, as studies suggest, then grab it now and start taking it. It comes in so many different forms, it’s inexpensive, and there’s just no reason not to take it! Remember, avoid the seeds if you consume the whole fruit. The seeds, like in many fruits like apples, can be toxic.

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