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I have said before that what you eat is going to determine what you look like! The foods and supplements you use on a regular basis will determine if you look younger than your years and if you feel younger as well! Research is ongoing for new Fountain of Youth Technologies, for that look younger diet plan!

Foods you need to add to your diet for more youth and vitality

I am going to recommend that (in addition to the GenF20 Plus® that I talk about below), that you incorporate the following foods into your weekly menu.  Each of the foods on this list will give you amazing health benefits, and each will replenish your youthful glow.  I realize change takes time, and you may not like all the items on this list.  That’s ok.

Take them one at a time, and come up with some resourceful ways to incorporate them into your weekly menu.  You’ve got this!  Remember, it’s all about the baby steps!  Every step you take to add these changes to your life will give you lasting benefits!

  1. Olive Oil – I have written in various articles on this website about the benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to your body.  Omega-3 fatty acids being the main benefit, especially to your skin!  Get it glowing – add that olive oil to your daily diet!
  2. Avocado – Did I mention those Omega-3’s?  There they are again.  If you love avacado, please eat them often.  If you are not fond of avocados, you can simply blend them into smoothies for a powerhouse of nutrition without the flavor!
  3. Leafy Green Vegetables – The benefits to your health of adding leafy greens such as spinach, kale, dandelion greens, and arugula, are too many to list here.  If you want to turn back the hands of time, you should be consuming these leafy greens in large quantities.  I chop them and blend them into sauces, soups, rice and quinoa dishes, and smoothies.  They are great as a side dish and in salad!  I cannot stress their importance enough!
  4. Berries and Tropical Fruits – This is easy!  Berries are inexpensive and delicious.  The tropical fruits like bananas are inexpensive as well.  Pineapple and mango can be a little more pricey at times!  Have handfuls of these antioxidant-rich foods as often as possible!
  5. Chia Seeds – These super-food powerhouses will keep you hydrated!  Remember, it’s all about the water!  You can incorporate chia seeds into your diet in so many ways,  They will make a pudding if put thickly into liquids, or you can add them to smoothies!  The age-defying benefits of these little gems are unparallelled!  Enjoy!
  6. Nuts and Seeds – The top nuts would be almonds and walnuts, with the top seeds being chia, sunflower, flaxseed and hemp seeds!
  7. Quinoa – Protein galore and delicious flavor make this a winner.  You can mix it with rice or veggies with your favorite meat for a wonderful meal.  Eat less of the meat as the quinoa will provide you with a lot of protein.  Quinoa comes in flavors, easy preparation, and very diverse.

I have written numerous articles about vitamins.  I am a strong believer in diet and supplements!  These changes in your lifestyle will truly lead you to that younger you!  Please browse through the articles and subscribe to this website to get alerts of all new articles with the latest breakthroughs.

Well, here it is! When I came across this product in my research, I immediately put it to the test.  I only will recommend products when I fully see the benefits and experience amazing results first-hand!  With GenF20 Plus® – check and check!

I have been studying ways to stop the effects of aging on the human body for many years, and this breakthrough product is associated with HGH release and is by far at the top of my list. I take the job of educating my readers and providing cutting edge remedies very seriously.  I am reviewing this HGH releaser today:

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Implementing a Look Younger Diet Plan

There are numerous articles on this website that deal with implementing any new plan, so the tools are here for your use to make changes in your life!

I am listing below the top foods you must start incorporating into your menu, simply take one at a time, but the main component of this look younger diet plan is an amazing break-through supplement called GenF20 Plus®This is what I am excited about!

Diet is key in any strategy, it’s all about what you put in our mouth!  The GenF20 Plus® will provide such immediate and long-lasting amazing results, you will really feel like you have finally found the Fountain of Youth!  I can’t recommend to you strongly enough that you order at least the 60-day supply so that you can take advantage of the full 60-day money-back guarantee!

Science behind this breakthrough HGH Releaser

It is fact that HGH levels decrease as you age. It is also a fact that these decreases in HGH levels can affect everything from how you look, with wrinkles and sagging of the skin, to how you feel, as in your muscle tone, aches and pains, how much energy you have, your memory, your sex drive and more! GenF20 Plus® is designed to release HGH, and the benefits associated with HGH include:

This product reverses aging! I don’t say this lightly. I would only recommend a product I 100% believe in!

Safe, affordable and doctor endorsed as associated as a 100% natural HGH Releaser, HGH will give you a dramatically more youthful appearance and super-charge you with energy and vitality! Be the young you again!!

Doctor endorsed technology

Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, has been featured in The New York Times, he has been seen on The View and featured in the Wall Street Journal. Dr. Lamm provides the following statement:

“Throughout my career as a doctor, researcher and author, I am constantly investigating new solutions and supplements that I can share with my patients to help them improve the quality of their life as they age, and that is why It is our goal for to introduce you to GenF20 Plus® a powerful, all-natural human growth hormone releaser.

You see as people age, your production and supply of this very important hormone, called the human growth hormone, dramatically drops off, resulting in a decrease in muscle mass, increase in belly fat, saggy skin and wrinkles, along with many other unpleasant side effects associated with aging.”

The study did not measure for a direct increase in HGH

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