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There is a wealth of information I will share with you about this topic, but there is far too much to be covered here in one article.  Please feel free to peruse the website for more detail about everything discussed in this article.  This is not a magic pill, this Look 10 Years Younger Diet, like eat some spinach and kale, park two rows back in the lot, and breathe deeply a few times a day and wow, you’ll look like you’re 20 again!  This is much much more than that.  Keep reading.

What this article will cover

This is fact-driven research on how you can develop the habits to change your life!  This will result in a transformation in the way you look, your skin, your eyes, your hair, your body, everything!  It will also transform your mood, and your ability to enjoy your life!  We can look great, but we really need to feel great if we are to enjoy our renewed beauty!

Food – Medicine or Poison?

How would you answer this question:  “What would you prefer, medicine or poison?”  Well, if you were new to the English language, you would have to look up the two words, right?  So let’s do that now:


  1. Something that is consumed for the prevention of disease or illness.
  2. Something that is consumed that is healthy and good for the body



  1. Something that is capable of causing the illness or death when consumed.


It seems clear to me that the preferred answer would be “medicine.”  Wouldn’t you agree?  Of course you would, so what’s my point?  Well, if you knew that in one cup was poison (causing illness or death) and in another cup was medicine (preventing disease or sickness), which one would you give to your child, your mother, or your beloved pet?

I would love the say the answer is obvious, but, honestly, it’s not.  People make the strangest choices every day when they continuously put poison into their mouths and the mouths of those they love the most, when they have the choice to put in medicine.  I’m talking about food choices.

Here is the one take-away from today that you must understand, and it is this:


This one sentence will be repeated in subsequent articles, because it is imperative that you begin to realize the truth behind it, and to understand that most medicine is taken orally, just like food.  Without  proper food that actually gives you nutrition, your cells and all the intricate parts of your body cannot perform the way they are supposed to.

Let’s see what the definition of nutrition is:


  1. the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.

Please let this sink in for a minute.  The definition states that nutrition is the food necessary for health.  So, now, I hope you are seeing the huge connection between what you eat and your health.  You can’t have it both ways.  You simply cannot put poison in your mouth and expect to have a beautiful appearance and perfect health.  That is an absolute impossibility.  The poison you consume regularly will eventually cause severe inflammation in some or many parts of your body, which will cause it to deteriorate and break down with disease and damage.

With proper diet, and water, younger looking skin is inevitable

Have you ever had a garden?  Have you had a house plant?   They are all in need of some critical elements to stay beautiful, fresh and vibrant.  They need water!  Wow, will you look at that?  We need water too, and a lot of it.  I know you hear this from every article you read, but that’s because it is more true than you actually realize.

I want you to picture yourself like that little house plant you have on your desk.  Have you ever gone home for the weekend, or gone away on vacation, only to come back to find the poor thing shriveled up and dead or almost dead.  It’s frightening how quickly a plant will die without water.  We are no different, my friend.  The amount of water most of us drink is a fraction of what our bodies really need to replenish and refresh.

Why do you put your hands under water, your face, the outside of your body, but you neglect the one place your body needs it the most – on the inside.  I have a suggestion for you, homework if you will.  This is one thing that you can do that will show you almost immediate results.  You want to look younger, try this:

The Trick Revealed

So in my previous paragraph (if you haven’t read it, you will need to do that first now or you will not understand the importance of this information), I discussed the one element of any diet I display on these pages that is the most important element, and that is to drink the appropriate amount of water required for health.  Required.  Not recommended.  Not suggested, but required.

Here are some easy-to-implement ideas on how to drink the proper amount of water daily.  You should be drinking 13 cups of water every single day, in a 24-hour period.  Ok, so let’s say you are up 12 hours a day.  That equates to only 1 cup of water every hour you are awake.  One cup of water is not very much water when you really think about it and what it does for your body in one hour, but that’s another topic.

So how do you get that 1 cup of water into you every hour?

Here is your HOMEWORK:  Look at the list below, and choose one or more of the ways to drink more water and implement them in your life immediately!

1.  Drink one cup after every bathroom break.  I would suggest timing it at first to see if you go at least once every hour.  Of course, drinking the proper amount of water will result in more frequent bathroom breaks, so that could help.

2.  Carry a bottle with you always. (For an amazing bottle that filters the water and infuses with nutrients, click here).  Just throw a bottle in your purse, mark the side of it by cups so you know how much to drink, and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll drink.  If it’s right there, you are far more apt to drink it often than if it’s out of sight.

3.  Set a reminder on your phone to go off once every hour.  You can do it on vibrate or something non-intrusive so as not to disrupt you, but a gentle reminder to gulp that cup of water.  Aaaah!

4.  Infuse your water with fruit or leaves to decorate and add flavor.  You can do berries, mint leaves, cucumbers, whatever hits your fancy on a given day!  Water enhancers are an amazing way to not only flavor the water with delicious flavors, but also to infuse the water with healthy nutrients.  Make it fun and festive – remember, this is the start to the new you!  Don’t forget that!

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Don’t worry, you can find much more content on this site about this subject.  This is your first step on a journey, and if you do the homework I’ve outlined above, you are going to be on your way to that fountain of youth lifestyle.

I would love to hear your comments and feedback on this content.  Please comment below this article.  If you have a personal comment or question you’d like to share with me, you can email me at Babs@FountainofYouthLifestyle.com at any time as well!





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