List of foods to avoid gout – Part 2 – Foods to avoid/Foods to enjoy!

In this article, I’d like to tell you what foods to avoid to keep dreadful gout at bay, but I also want to explain all about the types of foods you should eat, and why.  Please don’t get me wrong.  If you don’t have a problem with or history of gout, please don’t avoid wonderful superfoods like mushrooms.  This article is written for people who have suffered with gout in the past or are prone to it.

Now, besides foods to avoid, you have to understand that you must also include the good foods – the “yes” foods in your diet to keep gout at bay. Your body runs better when you fuel it with “premium” instead of “sludge.” You have to read through this website I have provided here for you, and you need to make the changes in your diet and in your lifestyle that will bring you better overall health.

You can learn how to make changes in your life, and please if you have any questions at all, leave me a comment at the bottom of any of my articles.

How do you make changes in your life?


When you don’t feed your body the proper nutrition, and/or when your body endures toxins in the environment, your body breaks down, and it calls out to you in the form of things like gout. People abuse their bodies for years and wonder why they can barely climb a flight of stairs. You have to take care of your body, and to do that you need to be consuming good, nutritious foods, taking the proper supplements, and exercising regularly.

Foods to avoid

Please remember, if you have experienced gout or if you are prone to it, these foods should be avoided, but please don’t elminate a superfood like mushrooms if you do not have to.

Organ meats – These include heart, kidney, liver, etc. If you love liver, have it as an occasional treat. Just don’t have it on a regular basis.

Sugar – Avoid those sodas and sweetened iced teas, these are on the no-no list if you want to avoid gout. Sugar will kill you, anyway, it is poison to your body.

Wild game – That’s a sad one, because it is wonderful to be a hunter or have a friend who is one and get that delicious venison, but I’m afraid you can indulge in a meal, but I would not suggest stocking up your freezer with it.

Asparagus – Another item that I am sad about because I do love asparagus. Have an occasional treat, BBQ with garlic in foil is my personal favorite way to cook it, but do not eat it regularly.

Mushrooms – You’ll have to smother your steak with onions or peppers, but no mushrooms I’m sorry to report. I feel like this is the bummer report, but I promise the Good Gout Diet below will make you smile again!

Foods you must eat

You know that fresh fruits and vegetables are always at the top of the list. That’s because they contain so many nutrients that your body needs (craves) to keep that well-oiled machined, well, well-oiled! So don’t neglect the nutrition piece of the puzzle if you really want your body to heal and the gout never to return. You want to make sure to get lots of green leafy vegetables, especially, as part of your daily diet.

Probiotics are important to keep your gut healthy. I take mine in the form of a supplement, and I do discuss probiotics in another article on this website. I also enjoy keefer made from goats milk periodically, which is delicious.

Digestive Enzymes – This are critical in this day and age unless you grow your own organic vegetables, because most of the enzymes have been depleted from the soil our vegetables are grown in, so we need to supplement these in order for our bodies to absorb all the vitamins from the food we consume.

Protein – The best options are your beans and legumes. These provide an enormous amount of protein with no bad cholesterol or other ingredients to hurt our bodies.

Nuts are a great source of protein, but peanuts should be avoided, as well as peanut butter. The way Peanuts are produced makes them an unhealthy option.

Don’t forget fish like salmon – super healthy – you always want the wild caught and never the farm raised.

Things you must do to avoid gout

The final piece of the puzzle is exercise. I know that we are all busy. We don’t have time to join a gym, and it’s too cold/hot/wet/snowy/windy to go outside today for a walk, right?

Well, figure it out, because you need to get some kind of exercise into your daily routine, and you really don’t have to spend a large block of time doing it, because right now anything you do is better than what you’re not doing, right? Make sense?

So here are some ideas for you on how to incorporate a little bit of exercise into your daily routine:

Stretch in the morning – That’s a simple one, and believe me when I tell you, it will do you a world of good. Put on some nice music, have your coffee at the ready, have a comfy area, a rug or blanket, and just stretch it out slowly. My mom used to do the neck stretch, and it was so cute the way she did them.

She’d say to me, “Ok, so turn your head very slowly all the way to the left and then ever so slowly all the way to the right. That’s the ‘Noooooooo’,” and she’d put her head slowly left to right and back again. Then she’d say, “Now we do the ‘yessssss’which is you put your head all the way back every so slowly and then you tuck your chin all the way into your chest ever so slowly and back up again. That’s the ‘Yessssss'” lol.   She’d continue, “Then comes the ‘I don’t know,’ which is where you shrug your shoulders up as high as you can and then you press then down flat as far as you can,” she’d say. Imaginative!

Take the stairs, park far from the entrance, get up and walk through the office on break, whatever it takes to get up and moving at some points throughout your day. Look, you’re an adult, so like I said, figure it out because this is really mandatory if you want to feel your best.

Put on some music and just dance in your kitchen while you’re packing your lunch. Like my mom did, use your imagination!

Comments always welcome

I would really like to hear from you. Share with me, what works for you? What have you tried, and how do you incorporate exercise into your busy day? Please reach out – I’d love to hear from you.

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