List of foods to avoid GOUT – Part 1 – How does food affect gout?

If you or your loved one has ever had gout, you know the horror of the pain that accompanies it. A simple feather touching the affected area can send shooting pain and bring tears to the eyes, so avoiding gout is by far the best option for anyone and everyone.

What is gout

So let’s understand what gout is, what causes it, and then we will know how to avoid it. Gout is caused when you body has a lot of uric acid in the blood. What happens is that crystals (ouch – these are razor sharp) form around your joints.

Are you imagining the pain that would be associated with such an occurrence? Well, that is what gout sufferers endure, and so if you have ever had gout, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It is excruciating.

Ok, so how do we cut down on that uric acid in our blood? What causes high uric acid? It happens when the body breaks down certain foods that contain purines. Ok, so what are these evil purines? They are a compound found in some foods which when digested cause the body to produce more uric acid which increases the levels in the blood. It is this increase in uric acid that causes gout.

So here’s where your diet comes in. You need to avoid those foods that contain purines. If you have had gout in the past, you could be even more susceptible to another flare-up, so please take very seriously this anti-gout diet!  Let’s call it the anti-gout lifestyle!

In Part 2 – Foods to avoid/Foods to enjoy! – I will provide a list of the foods you must consciously avoid, as well as the foods you can enjoy without worry. I realize that there may be some items on the “No List” that you really love and don’t want to give up. To that, I say, don’t give them up! Just don’t eat them very often, is all. Mushrooms, for example, is on the list of foods to avoid. If you love mushrooms, as I do, you can have them occasionally; just enjoy them like a special treat.

If you have ever experienced the pain of gout, you will gladly have those “No List” foods only occasionally, because I’m pretty sure you don’t ever want to have to endure gout again.

Drink a lot of water

It seems that everything always circles back to the same theme. Drink more water. I know that when my husband had gout years ago, he was a beer-drinking man who drank very little water, and even though I told him he was hurting his health, he didn’t listen. He didn’t listen until he got gout. That four days was sheer agony for him, and he is now an avid, almost rabid, water drinker.

Drinking water flushes you body, flushes your blood, it’s like a big shower for the inside. You can bring those uric acid levels down by consuming clean, fresh, water.

If you need to increase your water intake, but maybe you just don’t like plain water, I have a great solution for you. I found this product yummy water enhancer in my research because I do have a lot of friends who think it’s great they are drinking store-bought “Vitamin” water. Gasp! Those drinks are loaded with sugar and are far from a glass of water. I found these enhancers that you can use in your water, and they are delicious. The best part, though, is that these enhancers add antioxidants and nutrients to the water, so they are super healthy. You can read my article about them here:


It is critical that you get the proper nutrition for your body to function properly, and of course you want to get exercise.  If you check out Part 2 , I discuss proper nutrition for your anti-gout plan, as well as exercise.


When your body breaks down foods containing purines, it produces an excess of uric acid which makes it’s way to your blood. This uric acid causes crystals to form around your joints causing excruciating pain in the affected area for days at a time. That is gout.

To eat a diet rich in nutrition but devoid of purines will help you avoid these gout flare-ups, so please continue on to the next article where you can view the video all about the best diet and foods to avoid gout.

List of foods to avoid GOUT? I will give you the foods to avoid and the foods to enjoy if you want to avoid getting gout.   You can check out the entire list in the next article in this series:

 Part 2 – Foods to avoid/Foods to enjoy!



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