How is HGH good for you! Amazing list of health benefits!

Do you want to look younger?  Feel more vibrant?  Have better health?  I’ve written several articles about the benefits of increasing your natural HGH levels, but in this article I’m going to get a little more scientific with you. I think it’s important that you truly understand how this boost in HGH works, why it’s important for your overall health and all the benefits you will get from an HGH releaser.

In particular, I’ve reviewed a product called GenF20 Plus. It is, by far, the most HGH specific product on the market, with all the ingredients blended together to literally turn back the hands of time and give you that fountain of youth lifestyle that you crave. Here is another article I wrote on the subject on this website as well that you can review:



About GenF20 Plus

First, let me start by telling you that you can actually try this product for 60 days risk free. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee because it takes about 30 days to feel the full results, and that gives you another month to be sure you are getting from the product what you need and expect. If not, get the empty bottles back to their warehouse within 67 days and you will get a refund. Here’s the full RETURN POLICY details.

Next, this product is backed by numerous doctor testimonials (and customer testimonials), one of which is Dr. Steven Lamm, MD, who has been seen on The View and featured in the Wall Street Journal!


Finally, there is a study which was conducted in full accordance with the study protocol and all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to current ICH-Good Clinical Practices, Schedule Y and the ICMR Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants. You can review that study right here: CLINICAL STUDY

What is HGH and why you must boost your levels

HGH (somatotropin) stimulates growth of the body and helps regulate metabolic processes. So, not to get too technical with you, HGH is what tells your liver to produce something called IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor. The reason this is so important is that IGF-1 is thought by many in the medical and scientific community to be the actual key anti-aging hormone!

That’s pretty incredible. People feel much younger and the body heals much faster when there is enough (or excess) growth hormone.

Next, let’s review what is in the GenF20 Plus formula, and I’ll break down (briefly) exactly what each component of the formula is known to do to help you look and feel younger, better, happier, more vibrant!

Slow the hands of time and bring back that youthful glow with GenF20 Plus capsules. Aging is a normal process and no drug or treatment can stop it. But if you’re 30, 40, or more and you’re noticing the signs of aging ravaging your face, mind, and body, isn’t it about time that you did something about it?

Each of the ingredients I list for you below in and of itself is a powerhouse, but when combined, well, Fountain of Youth – here we come!

Ingredients in GenF20 Plus and their benefits

Here are some of the ingredients that are in the GenF20 Plus formula, which you can see listed in the Clinical Study.


L Glutamine found in abundance in the body. It is a free amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Your body must be able to get adequate protein for health. It’s essential! This amino acid is made in the muscles and then taken to the organs through the blood. Glutamine helps your gut health, too, boosts your immune system (especially when you are feeling stress), and gives energy to the various cells of the body.

L Arginine HCI

when you talk about heart health, L Arginine is key to improving the blood flow in your arteries of the heart! It dilates and relaxes those arteries for optimal performance! It’s also key for healing cuts and injuries, hormone function and boosting your immune system!

L Glycine

This amino acid is what your body uses to make protein and a powerful antioxidant called glutathione
to help protect your cells against free radical damage (the cause of most diseases and health problems). Your glycine levels decline with age, so it’s critical you supplement to be sure you have enough antioxidants to protect against cell damage!

We’ve all heard of collagen and know the importance if we want that youthful look to our skin! Collagen is a protein that , contains high amounts of glycine, so get your glycine!!

Want to sleep better? Glycine may help you if you struggle in that regard! Not only that, but glycine shows promise for fending off heart disease as well as decreasing blood sugar levels.


Here is another building block of protein! Tyrosine is used in many different brain functions, like memory! It’s also a building block of thyroid hormones, which control energy production and aid the body in renewing damaged cells! We all want that for our fountain of youth appearance! Want to feel happier? Tyrosine increases those dopamine levels, and it was found to help depression as well! Yay! Got those winter blues? Try Tyrosine!

Tribulus Terrestris

This plant has been shown to possibly reduce blood sugar and cholesterol and increase libido! I guess the Chinese, who have used this plant medicinally, know what they’re doing with this winner! Not only these benefits, but it has antidepressant properties, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and has shown possible anti-cancer properties! Wow!

L Isoleucine

This amino acid helps heal and repair muscles and encourages clotting. It’s great for athletes to improve performance and boost energy levels!

Phosphatidly Choline

There has been talk of using Phosphatidly Choline to treat memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression! It is also an active ingredient used to cosmetically dissolve fat.

L Valine

Important for stress management and the nervous system, helping with insomnia, muscle repair, and regulating the immune system!

L Ornithine

Want to manage your anxiety, try L Ornithine! It may help with this as well as liver function, wound recovery, collagen production and athletic performance. A powerhouse!

GTF Chromium

Energy production, metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, maintaining normal metabolism are jobs performed by GTF Chromium! It also plays a role in preventing heart disease!


Calmness, good sleep, relaxation – GABA promotes peace, increases empathy and boosts your energy levels. Another feel-good component! Reduce that anxiety, relax your breathing, and sleep better with GABA!

GABA levels are also linked to higher intelligence! Not only that, but it’s great for gut health, brain health, nerve health, helps with depression, combats pain, and can help reduce addiction. Can you say amazing?

Mucuna Pruriens

The benefits of Mucuna Pruriens is supporting your physical balance and posture, healthy central nervous system and your ability to handle stress! It supports intellect and boost your libido and is great for your reproductive system!

Moomiyo Extract

This is filled with key nutrients like amino acids, B-complex vitamins, minerals, oils and micro-nutrients! It has anti-inflammatory properties, reduces stress and prevents fatigue! Get energy with this extract! It has been shown to fight the common cold and help fight off cancer! Another amazing ingredient!


All I can say is did you read these ingredients and their benefits? When I first started researching HGH, believe me it took me a long time to study different products, try different products, research their ingredients, etc.

This product is by far the most amazing thing I’ve come across since CBD Oil and Graviola Fruit! GenF20 Plus is backed up with a 60-day money-back guarantee just like the CBD oil, and that shows you how confident the company is that you will, indeed, get the results you are looking for to rejuvenate your health and your looks and turn back the hands of time!

Order yours today

Increase the chance of enjoying the benefits of having a younger body well into the prime of your life by using GenF20​​​​ Plus HGH releasers. Every capsule can help your body increase and restore human growth hormones, letting you enjoy a healthier and more vigorous body.  I know you want to have:

  • Firmer, softer, younger looking skin
  • Reduces fat absorption and weight loss
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Faster metabolism
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduces, decreases formation of age lines
  • Increased muscle mass and tone

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