How do you make changes in your life? Easy steps!

I know change is hard, especially as we age. We get into our habits, many of them lifelong habits, ingrained in our being. It can seem like an impossible task to change something you have always done, even when you know that the thing you’re doing is horrible for your health. So how do you make changes in your life? Changes that will stick? Read on…

What changes need to be made?

It seems simple, right? You want a different result in some area of your life, and you know that what you’re doing now won’t get that result, so taking stock of this, taking inventory of the results will bring you to the changes you need to make for that desired result.

So, for the sake of this article, let’s say that the result you want is you want to feel better. You are sluggish, tired, kind of sad ;most days, anxious every day, and you’re tired of feeling that way. You go through day after day thinking tomorrow is the day that “things” will change. What you need to realize is that “things” don’t change unless you make a change. Does that make sense? How are “things” going to change if you don’t do something to make them change?

In our example, you want to change the way you feel. You want more energy. You want to feel younger, to be able to do more things, to feel happier inside. That requires change. What changes need to be made?

Take stock of your life. Do some research (this website is a great destination for this information), find out what makes a person have little energy, feel tired, depressed and anxious. I can tell you that dehydration is a key factor in energy levels. I have a great article that talks about the benefits of drinking more water and actually how to help you accomplish this task. You can find it here:  HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER

Take stock of the required changes

We’ve addressed the need for more water in our example above, so let’s continue on that same path. We know we need to make changes to feel better, and research is required. We find that lack of sleep is shown to have a profound effect on our mood, our energy levels and our ability to concentrate. So do you get enough sleep? What is enough sleep? Most studies suggest between 7-8 hours nightly, with slightly more needed for teenagers and slightly less for people over 65 years old.

This is an easy one, how many hours of sleep are you getting on an average night? If the answer is less than 7, you know that this is a required change you need to make in your life to achieve the goal of feeling less tired, less depressed, more alert. Notice is said required change. If you want to feel better, you have to take certain steps and make certain changes. I always recommend baby steps. This is the only way to affect lasting changes in your life.

There are more in-depth articles on specific steps to take to feel younger and happier, and they are addressed in this website in detail. For now, I think what you need to do is “practice” making changes in your life. You see, once you make one small change, and stick to it, it will suddenly open your eyes to the opportunity that change is indeed possible for you – your goals are attainable – one step at a time.

How do you stick to the change?

The first step in lasting change in your life is the figure out why you want this change. What will this change do for you? How will you feel once you’ve acquired this change? In our example above, we used the goal of feeling younger, feeling less depressed and having more energy. I know what this change did for my life. I went from someone who hated getting out of bed because my anxiety was so high and I felt so lousy, to feeling refreshed in the morning and looking forward to the day.

This is the key – picture yourself feeling wonderful! Picture yourself in whatever way you want yourself to be. This picture is going to be what drives you to success. Just remember, we are taking one baby step today. That’s it. One step. You’re smart, and you really do know what you should be doing to get your desired result. Maybe not every single step, that’s why I’m here, to help you with those steps, but you do know a first step you can take for your goal.

Keep the momentum

Take this seriously. This is the only life you’re going to have, and you only dance on this rock for a very short time, so let’s dance it up, shall we? You can do this, but you’re going to need help. Use this website as a tool and a resource to accomplish your first goal. If it’s just as simple as getting more sleep, you’ve got this. You need to clearly picture the benefit of getting to bed on time and sleeping through the night in your head, so when you see that “one last show” or your “favorite movie” and you think, ah, I’ll just watch it tonight and tomorrow I’ll get to bed early, the picture of the benefit, of your new life, will drive you to keep to your bedtime. One baby step. It could mean a huge improvement.


Let me know what your goal is and what you chose for your first baby step. I will help you with more steps or direct you to other articles here that could give you more information on what you are trying to accomplish. I look forward to hearing from you! Leave your comment here.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you in your goals!

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