Healthiest Flavored Water Drink – Delicious too!

If you’ve been visiting my website, you know full well that I have been telling you to drink more water! This is not optional, and if you are serious about feeling and looking younger, if you want to lose weight, you have got to drink more water.  But what is the healthiest flavored water drink?

You see, I get people telling me sometimes that they don’t drink water because it has no flavor. They have convinced themselves that by drinking soda, iced tea or other sugary drinks, that they are getting the proper amount of water. “Isn’t water in my soda?” Yes, it is, but for the body to take in the full benefits of water, adding sugar is so detrimental to your health, it negates any water in that soda.

So what is there to do if you really just don’t care for plain water? I have some amazing solutions for you.

What if I don’t like the “taste” of water?

I have several options I’d like to go over with you. I really thought long and hard and did a lot of research on this topic because I am a huge proponent of consuming large quantities of water daily. I happen to have a dear friend who has very serious health problems, and I can say honestly in my heart that I feel most of the problems are derived from 1) diet and 2) not consuming water. She absolutely despises drinking plain water, and so I knew I had to be clever to get her to drink it!

Therefore, I am going to give you some great ideas to give your water flavor without sugar and other additives that are bad for you. The goal is to get you healthy, to make you look and feel younger, to give you energy, vitality, and to cleanse your cells! Drinks with sugar will do the exact opposite and age you more quickly.

So I will outline below some great ideas to make your water a refreshing cocktail of taste and nutrition while maintaining its health benefits!  Drink up!

Remedy 1 – Add fresh fruit

I love adding fresh fruit to my water, but we really want to infuse the flavor of the fruit into the water for the best taste.

If you are using berries, like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, or blueberries, try smashing them up a little first. Put them in the bottom of your glass, and add your cold water on top. Mix it around, and then let it sit in the refrigerator for at least several hours for the flavors to really get into your water. Not only is your drink delicious, but it is amazingly nutritious. If you don’t want the chunks of fruit, feel free to run the fruited water through a strainer before drinking it.

Using a juicer is also a great way to puree the fruit and zest up your water! Juicing is something we will be diving into soon, so make sure you are subscribed.

Lemons and limes have long been accompaniments for water, with many restaurants asking if you would like lemon in your water. These citrus fruits add a powerhouse round of vitamins and taste! Don’t forget the oranges, clementines and tangerines! Squeeze these beauties into your water for instant flavor.

Pineapple also makes a delicious addition to your water. With fruit, you do need to let the fruit sit in the water in the fridge or cooler for at least two hours so the flavors can really be released. You can mash up the pineapple, and add some mango while you’re at it.

You can also prepare these fruited water delights at night and let them sit overnight to be enjoyed throughout the whole next day!

Remedy 2 – Add Green Tea

Green tea is the only tea you can add to water that keeps it “water,” according to nutritionists. You can count a cup of water infused with green tea as a water in your daily count. The amazing antioxidants contained in green tea are a fountain of youth all unto themselves! You can make the most refreshing drinks by adding green tea.

You will want to boil your water first. Then add the water and tea bag to your cup. You need to steep the bag for a minimum of 10 full minutes to release all the nutrients into the water. If you like your tea taste stronger, you can work it around during the 10-minute time frame which will strengthen the potency.

Green tea can be spruced up with, again, fruit! You can also use other flavors like mint leaves, or ginger, whatever spices you like! Experiment!  Steep a cup and let it cool.  Add some ice for iced tea.

Some people prefer their beverages sweeter, so if you want to see what I found on healthy ways to sweeten your water, you can see the article I wrote here: BEST BOTTLED WATER DRINK

Remedy 3 – Add a healthy water enhancer

You can add an antioxidant water enhancer to your plain water, fruited water and green tea for additional flavor, sweetness, healing nutrients, and antioxidants. I was actually researching for a friend of mine when I cam across these amazing enhancers. My friend loves the fruited water, especially the pineapple and strawberry, but she said she just craves something a little sweeter. She has always been an avid soda drinker and sweet tea drinker, and I was trying to coach her more towards water as she was starting to have some health problems.

So in my research, I found many additives to sweeten and “enhance” water, but I have to tell you that when I saw the line of enhancers created and developed over the past 11 years by two nutritionists, I knew I had hit on something. The company is called Pure Inventions, and the company representative sent me samples when I was doing my reviews, and I was amazed, not only in how the enhancers delivered results when I needed it, but just how great I felt when I drank them! They are so delicious, too, and so I was excited to be able to obtain a 25% discount on them for my readers.  View the Green Tea Antioxidant Extract here!

I have written a review of these water enhancers, outlining each one and the conditions it can help with and the benefits it delivers. Refreshing sweetness and health, body and beauty benefits for a variety of needs. If you are serious about wanting to drink more water and heal your body, these are for you: HEALTHIEST FLAVORED WATER DRINK

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