Filtered Water Bottles Reviews -Breakthrough technology!

While at the library I made a startling discovery!  I do a lot of my research while I am at the library, where I am able to use the WiFi for internet access on my laptop, but where I also have at my fingertips a myriad of books that are not available online. While I was at my local library one day, I was researching water bottles for my review, and  I made a discovery that astounded me!

I have long been aware of the dangers of drinking bottled water in large quantity, even though the water itself is pure spring water, it is the bottle itself that poses a hazard to your health.  My focus in researching water bottles was to find the healthiest product construction, offering the most benefit health-wise, but also the most “amenities” or “bells and whistles.”  I am so excited by what I found!

The library I was working in that day that I made my discovery has a strict policy of keeping noise to a minimum. My rather loud, “What? Are you kidding me?? Wow!!!” outburst left a few people staring my way. I couldn’t help it. I discovered something so amazing in the field of health that it was impossible not to talk out loud.  This discovery brought the benefits of drinking a lot of water to a whole new level!

My Review Style

I prefer to do my reviews comparing several different products and do an analysis of each. I don’t typically find one product that stands out amongst the rest that I recommend be used by everyone. There are usually pros and cons to each of several products without a one-size fits all result.

In this case, however, due to the unique features of this one bottle I have concluded that there is just no other bottle that delivers the same amazing health benefits as this one does. I am going to review the one water bottle that I have to recommend everyone get and use. Everyone! It is a one-of-a-kind product, and the science is in!

The water bottle I am going to review today is the Amazing KOR Water Bottle

What is unique about the KOR Water Bottle?  It is a hydration vessel!

Here is the meat of this topic, and I will explain what this water bottle delivers and why it is so beneficial to your health. The KOR Water hydration vessel is not just a pretty water bottle. It is the only water bottle that infuses the water with antioxidants – molecular hydrogen!   If you want to know about the benefits of antioxidants, you can read all about them in an article on this website.  They are necessary for your body to fight off aging and disease, so let me explain how this works.

The Kor Plus bottle and filter system produce a literal “super water!” You’ve heard of super food, which I discuss in great detail on this website, well now you can have the benefit of super water! Below is a list that shows what your water will now have when you drink from the KOR Pluslook at this:

All of these benefits from the amazing KOR Water Bottle!  

Statistics on the Kor Plus Technology & Benefits

The filter is made of crushed coconut shells. Coconut shells are known to be great for absorbing contaminants, and they also are a source of activated carbon.  They are considered one of the best water filters out there!

I will save the in-depth scientific explanation for another article, but I will say that being a source of activated carbon can remove organic contanimants. The micro pores in the activated carbon also match the size of contaminant molecules in most drinking water, so it actually traps the contaminants.

The spout is hygienic and the cover protects the spout when it’s not being used. The cap swivels open and stays open so as not to get in the way. The spout also has new easy flow technology. It makes it super easy to suck the water from the spout, just like sipping through a straw.

The construction of the bottle is shown in the picture below. The main component is Tritan which is a BPA-free material. BPA stands for Bisphenol A, and studies have shown health hazards associated with BPA as it affects behavior and your brain. Therefore, the Tritan construction makes it a safe option for your water.

It is aesthetically pleasing as well:                                


The breakthrough technology you must have

The above paragraph touched on the coconut shell filters used, but what is done to the shells is what sets this bottle apart from any other bottle on the planet. It is commonly known that antioxidants are a major benefit to your entire system. Antioxidants actually stop something called “oxidation,” (think of an apple or banana coming in contact with air and how they turn brown – oxidation!). You don’t want that happening to you!

Antioxidants also neutralize excessive production of free radicals, and you need that protection. Free radicals will wreak havoc on your system if not controlled.

Here is where the exciting news comes in. The KOR filter infuses antioxidants into your water, and not only that, but it also infuses molecular hydrogen into your water! This is huge! The benefits of the molecular hydrogen is that it is a powerful antioxidant, and we already touched on free radicals and our intense need for antioxidants. You will not get such a powerhouse of benefits in any other water bottle.

The next chapter discusses the GREEN aspect of this technology, and how easy it is to stay up on keeping your filter fresh.

The other benefit of the Kor Nava filter is it raises the alkaline level of the water as well. This is extremely important for health! Stop the aging process with one simple step. Drink your water from a KOR Water Hydration Vessell!

The Green aspect of using the KOR Water Hydration Vessel

Millions of plastic bottles fill our landfills yearly, and millions run through recycle factories, heating and re-heating plastic to be again disposed of. When you use the Kor Plus Hydration Vessel, you save the environment. You can re-fill it anywhere, at a water-fountain, at your break room sink at work, just fill and go. You will have the benefit of the molecular hydrogen, the coconut shell filter, the antioxidants and minerals, and the removal of all those harmful contaminants found in tap water.

From now on, Every drop from now on, every drop of water will be only pure fresh SUPER WATER!

Do you see now why I had to recommend that you have this amazing, health-changing product?  It is a game-changer for sure!  The Molecular Hydrogen is a GAME CHANGER in anti-aging discoveries!

What does it cost for the KOR Water system?


The great part of this offer is you not only get a beautiful KOR Plus, but when you buy your first infusing filter for only $15.00, you will be automatically enrolled so that you will receive a brand new health-providing filter once a month for $15.00.   No obligation to continue, but for $15 a month?   That’s it!  All these health benefits for only $.50 a day!  The bottle is only $15!  This is an amazing offer that won’t last.

Get your $15 bottle and first filter here while supplies last!

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