Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger? Finally, the truth!

It’s a question that has multi-faceted answers, and I will address them with you here. The universal question, “Does Losing Weight Make You Look Younger?” I have to ask you, though, is that really the question?    I  mean, do you need a reason to lose weight, or are you just rasping at whatever you can to regain your youthful appearance?   Sometimes when we research something like this, we are searching for answers, but if we dig a little into our motivations, we can get a better handle on what we really want, which will ultimately make it much easier to get there!


Losing weight might make you look older

You hadn’t thought of that, had you?  It really just depends, doesn’t it?   I mean, if you weigh 100 pounds and you are 5’5″ tall, I would say losing weight would make you look older. We can oftentimes look sallow if we lose too much weight, causing a gaunt appearance more resembling death than youth. Think of youth as health. Your body is at it’s prime, it is glowing. Young people have a natural elasticity to their faces and bodies that we lose over time as we age. They have a nice plump layer of fat that gives them that soft appearance.

We need a layer of fat between our bones and our skin to have a youthful appearance, but too much fat can make you look older body-wise. It can also hinder your ability to function in a youthful manner, robbing you of the bounce in your step, and making you appear older.


The Main Concern

So now that we’ve semi-answered the question,  it’s time to put on your big boy/girl pants/panties and really address why you clicked on this article. It would seem from the title you want to look younger. Am I correct in this assumption? I mean, I’m also guessing you want to lose some weight or are somehow unhappy with your body?  Is that correct?

We’ve established that, so now, let’s dig just a little further. I mean, you came here for a reason, right? You are spending your valuable time right now trying to figure out how the heck to look younger because you are just not happy with the way you look right now. I hear you. That is why I developed this website!

The Main Answer

This website was designed as an answer to those who are just tired of being tired. How are you supposed to exercise and eat right and blah blah blah when you feel like someone just zapped the energy out of your body and all you really want to do is just lay down and sleep.

So let’s get on with this journey and discover our hidden potential to be our very best selves in every way possible, because today is the day, my friend. Today is the day you happened upon this website. Today is the day your life is going to change forever.

Food for Thought

Why don’t you do this: Get yourself a journal. Look, you can get a really pretty, or handsome, one at the dollar store. It’s inexpensive, but invaluable. Remember, this is the start of something big in your life. You need to document the journey along the way. So your homework is to start with this:

HOMEWORK; Review the questions I raised in this Article: Look Twenty Years Younger


These questions should not be taken lightly, they are meant as a beginning of your journey, a foundation, if you will. Please take a moment to answer them and comment below.



We are not guaranteed another day. Make the most of this one!

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