Develop good habits – Keep them for a lifetime!

My goal with this website is to help you develop good habits and keep them for a lifetime! That is my mission. Through the comments area of each article, I hope to open up discussions with you and to get you the tools you need to be your very best you! Habits are things you do every day. You might have the habit of stopping and getting a coffee on the way to work in the morning. Maybe you’re in the habit of having a bowl of popcorn when you watch a movie. Maybe you have a habit of munching on chips when you’re in the car.

It could be you have a habit of eating fatty fried foods, maybe you habitually consume a lot of carbs, tons of sweets, and it is so ingrained in you that you don’t really know how you will ever break the habit of eating so many foods that are bad for you. Perhaps you smoke cigarettes. Sometimes we have life-long habits that can be difficult to break or change, even though we really have a strong desire to change them.

Step 1 – The plan

I have found tackling one change at a time makes it easier to implement the change, and a great way to ensure the change actually sticks. It’s one thing to have a lofty plan, but the important part is to make that change last a lifetime. This is your future, and you can spend it sick and in pain, looking and feeling old and tired, or you can start now making the changes that will bring you youth and vitality throughout your life.

So let’s start with one goal for our new plan. One baby step at a time. Just one change that you need to make. Pick an easy one so you can see success and move on to others. Choose a goal that you really want to make, but one that you think you will be able to implement and stick to.

Step 2 – Write it down

It is important for you to write down your goal and place it someplace where you can see it daily. I suggest on the bathroom mirror or your bedroom mirror where you can see it, say it out loud, and live it!

There is science behind writing down goals. It makes them real, and it helps you to make them part of your daily life. We are all busy, and you don’t want to forget that you set the goal to change that habit for a reason. Take this seriously. Once you do your first goal, you will see that you really can make these necessary changes.

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Step 3 – Find an accountability partner

What is an accountability partner? An accountability partner is someone you choose to help you accomplish your goal. Choosing a partner to help you out is important. This person can be anybody, but choose someone you are comfortable with. You want to be honest with your accountability partner, and if you’re not comfortable with the person, you may not tell them when you don’t follow your plan.

An accountability partner is someone who can help you attain and maintain your goal. Sometimes when we have someone else involved, it makes it easier to make the changes we need and want to make in our lives.  Change can be difficult, and the more support you get while you are making those changes, the better chance you have of success!

Step 4 – Keep track of your success

Whenever I decide I want to make a change in my life, I find writing down my success on my calendar keeps me motivated. I have a wall calendar by my desk, and I put a heart on it when I do my activity or don’t do an activity. As an example, I had set a goal to consume 13 cups of water every day. I use the slash system on my calendar, and I make a slash whenever I drink a cup.

When I have reached my 13 cups, I draw a heart over the slash marks for success! We all love success!


Once you have made your new habit change your new habit, it’s time to repeat with your next goal. The important thing to remember is don’t move too fast trying to make all the changes at once. Take one at a time, and really get that one under your belt.

That’s why I suggest that you focus first on one or two of your easier habit changes. You want success to give you the confidence to tackle some of your more difficult changes down the road.

Take a few moments and leave a comment below. Let me know what your first goal is, and I will help you with tools to accomplish it! Good luck!

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