Best water pitcher Filters drinking water! Gorgeous glass carafes!

This pitcher is breakthrough technology, and you know me, I’m about trying out these products to see if they really are what they claim to be. Personally, maybe you don’t care what your water pitcher looks like, but I really do care what my water pitcher looks like, just like I care what the water bottle I carry around with me looks like. I like things to be aesthetically pleasing, and this pitcher is gorgeous!

The most important, absolutely critical, feature is the filtration of the water. The absolutely wonderful thing about this pitcher I’m reviewing today is the filter! It’s a coconut filter, the best type of filter for removing harmful chemicals and toxins for pure, clear, crisp water every time!

That was test number 1, and it passed that test with flying colors. Our municipal water has a strong chlorine smell and taste, it’s kind of metallic, and this pitcher took out both the smell and the taste. That’s huge! I want to drink more water, and with the water tasting this great, I’m bound to consume much more!

Test number 2 was aesthetics, and this sleek pitcher, with it’s clean modern design, is extremely pleasing to the eye and easy to use. Let me tell you all the benefits this pitcher affords:

Here it is, the Kor Water Fall!

Take a look at how beautiful this pitcher is! I show all the features of this pitcher below, but I wanted you to see it first:

Filters More Toxins Out

  • FILTERS YOUR WATER AT HOME: Included in your kit will be the stand for the Water Fall, one filter and two beautiful crystal clear glass carafes including the lids for each!
  • COCONUT FILTER – ALL NATURAL: This filter was tested and is Certified to NSF 42 standard to  – remove chlorine – remove chloraines – eliminate bad taste – eliminate bad odors that are found in tap water! Simple and inexpensive to have the most delicious, fresh, crisp water possible!


Simple, Elegant Design

  • STUNNING DESIGN: Water Fall makes a design statement in your kitchen. This simple, counter-top device is designed to neatly fit under most kitchen cabinets. Measures 16.5″ tall by 7″ wide!
  • TWO PITCHERS: The beautiful Water Fall is a hydration platform that assists in your goal to drink more water. You can always add more glass carafes and replacement filters based on your need. Healthy hydration is the key!

Lasting Benefits – Cost Efficient

  • LONG LASTING FILTER: If you want purified water simply and naturally, this sustainable filter will make your water taste amazing! You can filter up to 80 gallons of water with one filter (that’s about 4 months!!!) Wow!

Inexpensive to Purchase

  • LOWEST PRICE: This product should cost a lot more than it does. Remember, you are not getting one carafe, but two beautiful carafes with the covers for each, and you are also getting the filter which will last a typical family about 4 months! Take a look at this discounted price today:

KOR Water Fall I Reusable countertop Water Filtration System I Includes 2 carafes I Holds 68 oz I Sustainable and BPA Free I Perfect for Fruit/herb infusions I Purifies 80 gallons of Water per Filter


Want water on the go?

You can always fill your water bottles with the delicious water from your Kor Water Fall, but I have another option for you, and this is amazing.  Kor also makes a wonderful water bottle, and it uses the technology of the coconut water filter.

The bottle has a filter inside of it that filters the water as you draw it up to drink it.  Not only does the filter in the bottle filter the water, but it infuses it with hydrogen, antioxidants, and all the nutrients listed below.  You can read all about it here in this review:



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