Best drinks hydration! Does dehydration affect your looks?

You’ve heard it before, over and over again. Stay hydrated! Sometimes the doctor will tell you that you are dehydrated. What exactly does that mean and what does dehydration do to your body (and your looks) to be dehydrated? It’s scary, but please read on, because I have a great solution for you – Best drinks hydration! Amazing results that will literally save your life and make you look younger and more vibrant!.

What is dehydration?

We all know what dehydration is, basically, right? Not enough water in the body. However, did you know that you should never allow yourself to get to the point where you feel thirsty?

Once you actually feel thirsty, you have become dehydrated, and you want to avoid that at all costs.

When your brain starts telling you to drink, that’s when you know your little precious cells are crying for moisture and help. Don’t do that to yourself! It is completely unnecessary to put your body in that kind of distress.

How does dehydration affect the body?

Think about what happens when you become dehydrated. Your body doesn’t have the water (you need water!!!!) to function properly. That’s a scary thing and should be taken seriously. Your blood gets all thick and mucky, and now your poor heart is trying to pump this muck through your body. This is just not healthy.

What would you rather swim in; a beautiful, clear, free-flowing river or a river thick with muck? Well, refresh your body’s river and drink your water!

Remember, your blood is like a delivery service, bringing needed oxygen to your organs (you know, those vital parts of your body you can’t live without). Don’t slow down that delivery service. Your organs need that oxygen delivered on time!

Symptoms of dehydration include not only feeling thirsty, which is never pleasant, but you can get a headache (do you have chronic headaches? Try drinking more water and see what happens!), you can feel extremely tired and sluggish, and you may not be able to focus properly.

What does dehydration do to your looks?

Now I want you to think about your house plant. What happens when you don’t give your plant enough water? Why do you think you are any different? Do you want to have plump, smooth, hydrated skin or dry, cracked, dried-out skin. (Nooooo!) I feel like I shouldn’t even need to write this article, but I have to stress to you all the extreme importance of drinking enough water. I just can’t say it enough!

If you want to look young and vibrant, your main job is to drink enough water. Plump those cells, smooth out your skin, look and feel amazing! I’ve got some innovative ideas for you below on exactly how to do that.

Look at these pictures of these roses.  One is dry and dying and other is plump and vibrant in color and texture.  Picture your skin the same way, and it will give you motivation to drink enough water to improve your health and your looks!


What if you don’t like plain water?

Don’t stress the small stuff. You aren’t alone. So many people don’t like the taste of plain water. I, personally, absolutely love water, and I drink it all day long. I do use water enhancers, mostly for the health benefits they provide, but I enjoy just a plain glass of clean, clear, filtered water just as much.

So here is an article that will give you a whole variety of flavored water enhancers that will not only provide flavor to your water, but they infuse the water with nutrients and antioxidants. There is no added sugar or other bad things in these enhancers, and they will help you get your proper 8 glasses of water a day! Check out this article that explains all about them and how you can get them:


What is the best water bottle to use?

This is actually a no-brainer. You do not want to drink bottled water that has been housed inside of a plastic bottle in hot conditions and cold conditions, absorbing whatever that bottle is made from, for long periods of time. No, no, no.

I have a much better, healthier option for you, and it will save you a lot of money as well. Bottled water isn’t cheap. Sure, you can buy cases of it and keep it at your house, but so many people just run to the corner store en route to their busy lives and spend $1.00 to $2.00 for each bottle of water they buy.

Kor Water makes the most amazing product. It’s a beautiful water bottle that you can fill with any tap water, and the bottle filters the water when you drink it with an amazing coconut filter (the best type of filter you can buy).  This removes all the chemicals and bad stuff and leaves pure, fresh, clean water for your body!  It’s a far superior water delivery method, and the water from the Kor Hydration Vessel is absolutely delicious!

Not only that, but just look at all the nutrients that are infused into the water as you pull it through the Kor filter! Are you kidding me? You can read all about this bottle and filter system here below, and you can get yours here as well:


Does your water pitcher matter?

Yes, of course, it really does!  The quality of your water is so important, and I’ve got an amazing water pitcher for you that is the most gorgeous glass carafe (you get two!) and a filter that’s the best on the planet!  It’s made from coconut shells and will make your water taste amazing!  It filters out the bad and leaves fresh, clear, clean, delicious water!  You won’t believe how wonderful this is!  You can read about it here:


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