Best Bottled Water Drink – Flavor and Nutrition in one!

I have done my research, extensive research I might add, to find the very best bottled water drink, and I have discovered a sweet and delicious nutrition-packed line of water enhancers that I was impressed with from the start! When I read that the products were developed over many years by two nutritionists, that was check mark number one! Then when I read the amazing health benefits of these water enhancers, that was check number two. The third check (and the most important to many of my readers) was the taste of these products.  I can tell you, they are absolutely sweet and delicious. You will be thrilled to know that they contain no sugar.

You will have a chance to try this science – this sip of, if you will, the fountain of youth. It is through my desire to bring you a way to consume a lot of water that I have discovered information on how to really take this to a new level. These breakthroughs will literally turn back the hands of time. If you try my recommendation, you will not only be excited to drink much more water, but with every sip you will be gaining cell-renewing nutrients!

If you have any faith in the information I painstakingly provide to you on this website, then you will take to heart the recommendation I am going to make to you here about these amazing breakthroughs. You have to understand that I never recommend anything that I have not tried myself. I can tell you that in my quest to find the best water enhancer for the optimal taste and maximum health benefits, the products I am sharing with you today have won the contest hands down.

My goal with this website and with every visitor is to provide timely, relevant, important life-changing information tailored to your specific issues, goals or concerns. If I have not addressed something you are concerned about, please leave me a comment on any of my articles. When I come across a product like the one I am presenting to you in this article, if I try it and I realize it’s numerous, amazing benefits, I have an obligation to immediately share with you my findings (and get you the best deal on the internet to purchase the product.) That is exactly what I am doing here for you. I negotiate a good deal for my readers, and the company pays me an affiliate fee.

Best Bottled Water Drink

I have recommended in all of my articles that drinking water is the key to a foundation of good healthy habits. There are many people, however, who do not like the taste of plain water. That is why I was researching what people could add to their water that would give it a sweetness that many people crave in their beverages, without deadly sugar! That is when I came across these products. What caught my eye was that they were developed over 11 years by two nutritionists, and they brought together delicious flavors with no sugar and a powerhouse of nutrition!

Lynne and Lori are devoted to the fountain of youth lifestyle!

Lynne Gerhards and Lori Mulligan

The Pure Inventions water enhancers can be added to any bottled water you like. I have a preference when it comes to bottled water, to use my own bottle with a filter instead of purchased water bottles. It is much cheaper, more convenient, and far more earth-friendly than purchased water bottles. However, if you are going to use purchased water bottles, you want to look for spring water only, and avoid filtered tap water that looks like bottled spring water. Please note that you never want to drink distilled water.

I researched and tried many of the top water enhancers, looking for both taste (very important for my readers) and a nutritional enhancement as well, but when I came across this line of water enhancers, I was really impressed. The taste of all the varieties is amazing, absolutely delicious. I have been looking for a way to sweeten water for my readers who are avid soda drinkers or iced tea drinkers and crave that sugary sweetness. Since I would never recommend a drink that contained sugar, I searched hard to find a delicious way for my sugary friends to enjoy water! I found it!  Here are a few of their varieties.  On another article, I explain each of the types and the HUGE BENEFITS each one provides to the body.  You won’t believe this!  Click on any of the pictures below to be taken to the article that explains each of their enhancers, the benefits, and a link to purchase if you want.  I have negotiated a 25% discount for my readers only.  You can help support this website by buying them through my affiliate link.       CHECK THE ARTICLE OUT HERE

With the Pure Inventions Water Enhancer line, I have to tell you, I find it convenient that each enhancer gives you different benefits, depending on what your body needs at the time! I am sometimes prone to feeling anxious, and I was so happy to try it and get relief from the Tranquility Natural Extract. It’s so delicious; I love mixing it with berries; it’s so refreshing! It just soothes me, and I trust it will do the same for you. Then there are those times I could use a boost of energy, so when I use the Pure Greens Water Enhancer, it’s such a delicious way to energize! The amazing health benefits are an added plus!

What I really like about the products, also, is that you can just carry a bottle or two in your purse. They’re the perfect size, and you can enhance your water wherever you are! It’s like a boost of nutrition in your bag or pocket!

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When I tried this product and realized the benefits I was experiencing, and how much more water I was drinking every day, I could not wait to see if I could get a special promotion from the manufacturer of this breakthrough technology for my readers. Pure Inventions reviewed my website and came back to tell me that they would provide visitors to my website with an exclusive special 25% off your purchase! That’s amazing! So if you want to give this amazing water enhancer a try, you can view the details of this offer and the benefits to you from each of these products – Simply click on the red sign for the details of these amazing products.

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