10 Tips for the Healthy Lifestyle! Change your life forever!

We all want to get healthy. We set resolutions around our health and our weight, and we really want to keep those resolutions. Most times we don’t, though. Why is that? How do we get that healthy (Fountain of Youth) lifestyle that we want so badly. I’m going to share with you 10 tips for the healthy lifestyle that will change your life forever.

Tip #1 – Are you ready to change your life?

Silly question, right? I mean, if you weren’t ready, you wouldn’t be reading this article. You wouldn’t have searched the internet trying to get help to change your lifestyle, and therefore change your life. I get it. I know what it feels like to want to change, to want to do what you know you should be doing, but to fail over and over again.

So this time, are you ready? I mean, are you really ready? I was. I was sick of the roller coaster of eating healthy, exercising, and feeling amazing, only to fall off the health wagon into the Cheeseburger and fries lane once again.

That’s the place the couch and TV reside, and oh, are they comfortable, especially with a milk shake and cookies in hand.

If you really are ready now to get back to that healthy, fountain of youth lifestyle, then let’s go!

Tip #2 – Figure out your “why”

It sounds easy, right? You want to feel better. You want to look younger. You’re tired of wearing your “fat clothes”. But is that really your why? I think it’s probably part of it, but there’s something deeper, and you need to dive in and get that answer.

My why was something perhaps I didn’t even want to admit to myself. My why was that I was an older Mom, and so there is a big age difference between me and my children. Now my children are adults and have children of their own, and I am now a grandmother (an older grandmother). I started picturing my grandchildren in their teen years, and doing the math, I started to realize I was going to be quite old when that time came.

I didn’t want to miss their prom, or their wedding, or the birth of their first child because I was too old and sick (because of poor lifestyle choices now) to be present. I want to maintain my health as long as I can so that I can be a vibrant and memorable grandmother to these precious blessings in my life. Well, eating pasta and fast food wasn’t going to get me there. I needed to change my lifestyle.

That was my main “why” that helped me change my life. What’s yours?

Tip #3 – What will happen if you don’t change

This is perhaps the scariest tip of them all. Did you ever see A Christmas Carol? Ebenezer Scrooge was shown a future that would be inevitable if he didn’t change his present. Have you ever watched a “quit smoking commercial” where people are sick and dying talking about how they wished they had changed their past because they hate their present?

Well, as painful and anxiety provoking as it is to think this way, do it. Take some time and just picture your future if you do not make the changes you know in your heart you need to make for a brighter future. It’s not pretty what we do to our bodies by our lifestyle choices.

The good news is we are still in the present and the future is still ahead of us, so let’s make sure the future we picture from our present lifestyle choices is bright and promising.

Tip #4 – Cells are so important

Let’s throw some science in here, shall we? Let’s get right down to it. What are you doing to those precious little cells in your body? What importance are they to you? They are crucial to you in every single way, but we rarely think about them, or what they need, or why they need it, right?

Look at my website. I’m always talking about water. I’m always talking about vitamins and eating right. Why is that? It’s to nourish your cells. So let me explain about these little things and maybe then you’ll understand why I preach so much about these things.

Cells, what exactly are they?   Well, think about your tissues and organs – pretty important stuff, right?   They are made of cells. Picture your body like a building. Your cells are the brick and mortar of your “building” (your body) – think about the functions of your body – your heart and lungs and muscles – all working so hard – without healthy efficient, nourished cells, they just can’t work effectively.  Your precious cells cannot work right if they are not getting what they need, and they are needy little things, let me tell you.

They don’t work independently. They depend on each other, and each cell requires something different. Vitamins, minerals, it’s a frantic, perfect dance, and in order for you to be at top performance, to look and feel your best, you must feed those beautiful little dancers with the nutrients they need!

When you mess with your cells, introducing toxins (free radicals), bad foods, lack of nutrition, your body breaks down. You get diseases, ailments, cancer.  So…nourish your cells!

Tip #5 – Write it down

Write it all down. Get a nice notebook, or a planner, and write out your goals. Write out your plan! Make a list of all the foods you’re going to avoid – your pitfalls!

Write down the places you want to avoid, like the food court at the mall! I’m not joking – write it down. Map it out. What foods do you need to add to your diet? Make a shopping list! What recipes do you have to use those foods? Go to Pinterest and get some!

Tip #6 – Educate yourself on nutrition

This is so important, especially in this age of dis-information. I get so irritated when I watch milk commercials knowing what I know about dairy products and the havoc they wreak on the human body. Yet these products are pushed on our children touting how good they are for them when that is the farthest thing from the truth. Milk causes inflammation throughout the body and also causes mucus.

Bread and pasta are foods you want to eat in limited quantities as well. I know you will hear how wonderful whole wheat bread is, but gluten in any form is not healthy and can cause problems in your digestive tract, even if you don’t have celiac disease.

Tip #7 – Eat close to the earth

If you don’t know what the means, it simply means eat your fruits and veggies in their natural state.

I’m not saying you can’t cook your veggies, but the processed foods that so many of us eat on a regular basis really should be minimized. We need to make the bulk of our diet fruits and vegetables. It’s that simple.

There are literally so many delicious recipes and smoothies to incorporate these vital nutrient-packed gems into your diet. So do it!

Tip #8 – Eat lots of fish

Eat salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna! You can add some chicken to the mix, and if you love beef, just eat it in moderation.

I love all meats and seafood, but most seafood is simply toxic (bottom crawlers) and not healthy, so like anything else that isn’t the best, just eat it in moderation!

You always want wild caught fish and never farm raised. Farm raised fish are kept in close quarters full of feces and are toxic as well.

Tip #9 – Get exercise

You were waiting for this one, weren’t you? I know – you struggle in this area. Look, we all do. It’s not easy, especially with our busy lives, to have time to go to the gym. So don’t! There are so many ways to get exercise that don’t require a huge investment of your time and will do you a world of good.

Get a small home trampoline and bounce on it for 15 minutes. Do some stretches in the morning. Walk up and down your stairs a few times to get your heart rate up.

You don’t have to go crazy, but for goodness’ sake, get your body moving. You won’t believe how beneficial it will be to your body (and your mood) to get moving a little bit.

Tip #10 – Take baby steps

This is my most important tip for you. Start small. Take each of these tips and incorporate one thing from them into your routine. It’s not hard to do one thing, right?

You don’t have to go all in all at once. You’ll get used to the one thing, make it a habit, and then add one more thing. You’ve got this! If you really want it – you’ve got it!

Bonus Tip – Drink Lots of Water

I stress this one point throughout this website because it is truly one of the most important things you can do for your health.  Water is needed to renew and refresh your cells, it is vital for the makeup and health of your entire body. It is the most important fountain of youth ingredient you can put in your body.

Drinking enough water is important, but drinking the right water is also just as important.  You want water that is clear of toxins and chemicals and which has all the important minerals water should have.

I highly recommend you read this article about a special BPA free water bottle that lets you drink regular tap water, and it filters the water through a coconut filter, and then it infuses the water with hydrogen and antioxidants.  Talk about delicious and nutritious, it is my number one recommendation for health!  Look at this, all from this absolutely amazing filter & bottle:


Questions? Comments?

Please feel free to contact me at any time by leaving me a comment or question below, or by emailing me at Babs@FountainofYouthLifestyle.com. I am here to help you and guide you as you develop new habits and improve your current and future lifestyle. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


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